The Music of HFStival: Billy Idol

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Billy Idol

Oh yes we are getting closer and closer the comeback of the very legendary and all things awesome HFStival! So with September 18th approaching faster and faster your favorite blogger is here to provide you with information about another great performer!

Next up! Billy Idol!

Now, you cannot think of legendary rock without mentioning the name [lastfm]Billy Idol[/lastfm]. He is almost synonymous with MTV and the 1980′s. His stylish and creative videos helped to usher in a new generation of music and how it was to be portrayed in its newest art form…the music video.

[photogallerylink id=2109]England born Idol attended one year of college at Sussex University before he decided to drop out and join a rock band. The first band he joined was Siouxsie and the Banshees, but that was not long lived and he soon found himself playing guitar for a band named, Chelse. He eventually quit that band co-founded Generation X with a former band mate. As part of Generation X Idol did not play guitar but became the lead vocalist.

Generation X produced three albums together before severing ties. Idol then moved to New York City and decided that he wanted to be a solo act.

As a solo artist Idol has produced a handful of albums with a good number of hit songs and videos. Some of them include White Wedding, Flesh For Fantasy, Eyes Without A Face, Rebel Yell, Dancing With Myself, and Cradle of Love…just to name a few.

Idol has also had his share of setbacks from a motorcycle accident to drug overdoses, but he’s been able to get back on the right path. Idol still continues to sell out arenas around the world…HFStival should be no different.

I hope you guys are ready to rock! I know I am!

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