HFStival 2011: Who Do You Want To See?


By now you’ve heard that HFStival is returning September 17, 2011. If you haven’t heard – HFStival is returning September 17, 2011!

As we look at putting together the lineup for 2011, we’ve been combing through the list of past artists. We want to know what bands or artists you would want to see at HFStival 2011. But rather than just give you a short list of bands from which to choose, we’ve decided to have a little fun here at HFS.

Over the coming weeks, we’re going to post multiple lists of bands who have played HFStival in the past. We want you to select the bands you would like to see at HFStival 2011. Doesn’t matter if the bands have since broken up or not – we still want to know what you think, so we’re listing every band we can find in our archives.

Check out the first list of bands.

  • Ewolf.girl

    Is Augustina the same as Augustana?

    I’d like to see some new bands, like 30 Seconds to Mars

  • Tammy Goode

    How about Mumford and Sons.

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