[Coachella 2011 Review] Cage The Elephant, Glasser, Big Audio Dynamite, The Kills, London Suede

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the london suede charley gallay getty images [Coachella 2011 Review] Cage The Elephant, Glasser, Big Audio Dynamite, The Kills, London Suede

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Fair warning, this review might be biased because ever since my freshman year of high school, the Britpop neo-glam The London Suede, has been my favorite band of all time.

At any given moment, I can be found listening to one of their albums, on repeat. First reading about them in tattered NME magazine I stole from a the now defunct Virgin Records Megastore, because I was younger when I discovered them, I’ve never actually seen the band.

Had I not been working for KROQ, I would have purchased a wristband just to see the London Suede. And it would have been totally worth it, watching Suede was the best musical experience I have ever had in my life.

Although the band hasn’t been playing out for a long time, Brett Anderson was one of the most beautiful. talented performers I’ve ever seen.

Every second of his performance was imbued with a raw sexual energy, gorgeous grimaces, rhythmic hip swivels, and glam theatrics. All the audience members were hardcore Suede fans, singing along in perfect unison like they were 18-years-old again when Anderson offered the mic their way. The audience got a set of Suede’s luckiest thirteen hit singles including “She,” “Trash,” “Filmstar,” “Animal Nitrate,” “The Drowners,” “So Young,” and “Beautiful Ones.”

Watching Suede really did make me feel like a “beautiful one” again, soaking in the sonic mojo of Brett Anderson’s wondrous power to possess the audience into an ecstatic stage of musical union.

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