[Coachella 2011 Review] Seven Hyped Up Bands At Coachella Get A Dose Of Desert Reality

4. [lastfm link_type=”artist_info”]Best Coast[/lastfm]

bestcoast1 faith ann [Coachella 2011 Review] Seven Hyped Up Bands At Coachella Get A Dose Of Desert Reality

Photo by Faith-Ann Young


Fuzzy, buzzy ’90s surfer rock reverb with ’60s pop chord structures that has been hyped up by people like Pitchfork and Hipster Runoff. Lead singer, Bethany Cosentino, has been deemed as the newest of the indie rock darlings with her awesome tats, constant sneer, bratty attitude, and tendency towards the effortlessly cool lackadaisical.


Best Coast’s album is a flawless, getting-stoned-in-the-summertime listen, but their live performances are sonically sloppy with too much reverb grind and very  little energy. They are the band you want to love when you see them, but you end up just making excuses for them.

We’ve seen Best Coast several times and the live performance are always the same. There is no excuse. They need to work on their stage presence.

One Exception:

The songs are just really shimmering, easy to sing along with, and evoke a sweet, nostalgia that makes it hard to dislike the band.

Bottom Line:

Best Coast is like your first crush the you idolize your whole life, until you see them again with three kids at the grocery store and you realize that they are not as perfect as you would have dreamed.

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