[Coachella 2011 Review] Seven Hyped Up Bands At Coachella Get A Dose Of Desert Reality

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kanye faith ann1 [Coachella 2011 Review] Seven Hyped Up Bands At Coachella Get A Dose Of Desert Reality

Photo by Faith-Ann Young

Hype: It’s hard to describe Kanye West as a “hyped up artist” when he’s been around for such a long time, but West does create his own “hype machine.” His gaudy, ostentatious, awkwardly manic personality fills many music lovers with a special kind of rage that makes them forget that the man is actually talented.

In a way, for Kanye, his hype is “reverse hype.” People detest his personality, so that projects to the way they feel about his music.


This was not just a concert; this was an artistically conceptual hip-hop opera with fully formed story line.

Pretty much everything about the show was amazing. From Kanye West being lowered on to the stage from a crane to the creepy angelic backdrop and the tan-clad dancers to the epic fireworks to the passionate, sublime look on West’s face as he performed.

One Exception:

It took the man almost twenty minutes before he even acknowledged the audience which for any musician–no matter how theatrical your performance and how in tune with your “character” you are–does not usually bode well. Thankfully, we were all so distracted by the shiny goings-on that having West personally “connect” with us wasn’t as much of an issue.

Bottom Line:

People either love or hate Kanye West as both a person and an artist, but one overwhelming theme after his performance last night was “I might hate him, but that was one of the most amazing performances I have ever seen.”

West always brags about his grandiose concepts and he hypes up a lot of his art. Luckily for West, the hype always lives up to the end result and his stunningly theatrical performance last night at Coachella was literal, of-the-moment proof to all the Kanye West naysayers.



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