[Coachella 2011 Review] Seven Hyped Up Bands At Coachella Get A Dose Of Desert Reality

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karl walter tame impala getty images [Coachella 2011 Review] Seven Hyped Up Bands At Coachella Get A Dose Of Desert Reality

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One of the reasons I went to go see Tame Impala was because of what I like to call the “hipster hype.” Loosely defined, “hipster hype” is the adoration of a brand new band to the point of obsession–for about six months. After that, they are totally forgotten about.

A little drugged-out psychedelic 70s rock during a Coachella dusk sounds like the perfect way to chill out after running back and forth from tent to tent. Aussie Cream-esque fuzz trio, Tame Impala, brought that and a lot more.


Tame Impala live up to the hype, but they are also so classic and timeless sonically that they easily sound like one of those quintessential rock bands that could have played Woodstock.

One Exception:

Although they rocked out on stage, for the first half of the set, Tame Impala seemed really nervous. When they finally started to connect with the audience and loosen up, their performance became exceptional.

Bottom Line:

Are these past-inspired musicians the wave of the future musically? It seems like a lot of indie bands are going down a buzzy, reverb-y tripped-out sonic route and Tame Impala could be the band that leads the pack to a new musical movement. Definitely a band to watch out for.

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