Sir Paul: The DJ

paul 3852 Life Goes On, Bra

Paul McCartney (Getty Images)

I have met so many rock stars over the years that confess to be frustrated DJs…just like a lot of DJs are frustrated musicians. Grass is always greener, right? A few weeks ago I reported that Thom Yorke of Radiohead had a DJ gig on the West Coast, and he was actually spotted smiling. See. Spinning music can be fun. Well, even a Beatle can’t resist the allure of the disc jockey gig.

Paul McCartney was spotted at The Coachella Music Festival over the weekend working the turntables with Afrojack, a Dutch house DJ. Some people in the dance tent thought it was a Sir Paul impersonator, but it was the real deal. In fact, Paul and Usher had a dance-off on stage. Paul played Coachella in 2009, but the DJ gig was a surprise. If I ever get my hands on the song list, I’ll let you know!

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