Hey Baltimore, We’re Baaaack!

Welcome to the all new HFS at 97.5. We’re playing all your favorite alt-rock tracks by all your fav bands like Red Hot Chili Peppers, Smashing Pumpkins, Alice In Chains, Nirvana, Foo Fighters, and a ton more. We’ve got all your fav HFS jocks back too. Check us out on your radio at 97.5 and Listen Live online. Hey, we’re on Facebook and Twitter too.

Call us: 888-653-0975

Good to be back.

  • Shawn h.

    HOT DAMN!!!!!
    welcome home. You’ve been missed:)

  • http://www.facebook.com/julie.stillman Julie Stillman

    I’m so excited that whfs is back!!!!!!!!!!! So many memories listening to this station!!!!!!!!!!

  • Joe Kah

    Just heard you guys are back on the air. Wanted to say thank God, good radio is back in Baltimore. HFS always gets a preset in my car’s radio…

  • Chris

    So great, guys! HFS should have never gone away. It is such a big part of DC/Baltimore music!

  • Jesse

    Was awesome to hear Tim Virgin through my car radio again. Glad you guys are back!

  • Jay Sinn

    It’s About DAMM Time you guys got back on the AIR !!!

  • brian

    Thank God you guys are back its bin to to long

  • Rick

    Welcome Back WHFS WE MISSED YOU!!!!

  • Ashley

    I was so excited when i saw the commercial on t.v.! I grew up listening to this from a kid till your last day on 99.1! That which was a sad day. I just told my mom and shes super excited too! Thank you and congrats!!

  • macsheen

    I saw your ad on the local news tonight. Thank the gods you are back.

  • Tottingham

    “Comprende’ ?’
    bite me!

  • vicki

    Gee, I remember talking briefly to Nici! (augh, it happened) Now you guys are back!!!? I can’t stand it! Ooh, do i hear Chrissy Hyde Masybe not yummy

  • vicki

    Ok that’s it RAMONES! I can’t stand it, Please Scott Weiland next, ty

  • vicki

    think that was flea? playing but seriously cool

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