Interview With Claudio Sanchez Of Coheed And Cambria During New York Comic-Con  Most recently, you created a song for the video game, Batman: Arkham City.  Do you have any thoughts on continuing to write thematic music based on other peoples concepts?  Would you do what you did for Batman for someone else?

Claudio Sanchez:  “Oh yeah of course, I’ve done it in the past.  Transformers, Ghost Rider… if more opportunities like that would come along I would jump on it because its a lot of fun.  Certainly this, as opposed to The Amory Wars which has a concept but is very much ME .. my inner psychosis spilled over albums & comic books.  With something like Batman I get to explore the mythology more and draw from that.  I would love to see more of that come my way.” Any specifics in mind you would wish for?

Claudio Sanchez:  ”Green Lantern for one, … but really whatever would come my way.”

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session pics 1882 Interview With Claudio Sanchez Of Coheed And Cambria During New York Comic Con  Tell us how you also recently signed up to cover [lastfm link_type=”artist_info”]ZZ Top[/lastfm]’s Beer “Drinkers & Hell Raisers” on the recent A Tribute From Friends album.

Claudio Sanchez:  “Management played a big part in getting the band on the tribute record and Coheed’s guitarist, Travis, really took the reigns on that song.  He picked the song, started putting it all together and then when we all got in studio I tweaked the arrangement a little bit … like the whole operatic section at the end of the song, and added little things here and there to kind of make it our own.  In the mean time we did just want it to be a bare bones rock song to play off ZZ Top but we did need to ‘Coheed’ it up a bit.”

 Interview With Claudio Sanchez Of Coheed And Cambria During New York Comic ConEvil Ink & NYCC 2011… As far as Evil Ink goes… you have a brand new project on the table called The Key of Z… whats happening there?

Claudio Sanchez: ”It’s a zombie apocalypse tale that takes place in Manhattan.  All of the colonies that exist around New York, Yankee Stadium; Citi Field; Madison Square Garden; …They’ve all been colonized and the factions inside them are now warring for territorial control of Manhattan island.  It’s actually basically a revenge story.” Will there be more books from Evil Ink in the near future?

Claudio Sanchez: “Right now that is a 4 issue mini series, and I’m working on doing an adaptation of the Second Stage Turbine Blade with writer, Peter David.  Sonny and I have been scripting a Kill Audio sequel and also I have my tentative first superhero story thats kind of in the wings.  Just last night my manager, Blaze and I brought up the possibility of doing another Coheed series with the new album.”  Speaking of Kill Audio, what’s the deal with the sexually charged rooster!?

Claudio Sanchez:  ”You mean Chicken Coke Daddy?!  Um… he’s loosely based on a friend I grew up with… he’s not really like Chicken Coke Daddy… it’s obviously an exaggerated version of this guy …umm but you know, he just likes to party!”

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