Trends: Tegan And Sara Get Stripped Back

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tegan and sara

Tegan and Sara this week release a live album “Get Along,” comprising fifteen tracks from previous albums and a documentary DVD. It follows their last studio release, 2009’s Sainthood.

Today Trends looks at Tegan and Sara’s scrobbling history, to see how their fans are getting along with them.

tegantrend Trends: Tegan And Sara Get Stripped Back

The graph above (click to enlarge) shows weekly listeners for the duo since the release of last studio album Sainthood in 2009, levelling out at around 18,000 listeners per week since the summer. That’s 12,000 less than their peak, but it’s clear there’s a core of fans gained over their sixteen-year career who listen week in and out.

The compilation contains three of their top five tracks on, however: “Nineteen,” “Call It Off” and “Back In Your Head” all originating from 2007’s The Con. Fans may wish to revisit those tracks, but it seems likely that a new release is needed to really push listener numbers back up.

Learn more about Tegan and Sara at their page. Meanwhile, Trends brings you the news in scrobbles every weekday.

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