The Most Requested HFS Playoff Tailgating Songs

Congrats to our hometown Baltimore Ravens, who are now one game away from their shot at the franchise’s second championship title!

To get you pumped up for this weekend’s game against New England, we’re sharing the HFS tailgating songs we’ve been getting the most requests for during this playoff season.

[lastfm link_type=”artist_info”]The White Stripes[/lastfm] – “Seven Nation Army”

[lastfm link_type=”artist_info”]Dropkick Murphys[/lastfm] – “I’m Shipping Up To Boston”

What are you favorite HFS songs for tailgating and getting pumped up for another win by the purple and black? Sound off in the comment section, and we’ll post more of the most popular ones here as we get closer to game day!

  • Chris Jones

    At Calvert Hall my brothers Varsity football team used to pop in Pearl Jam “vs.” (the orange one with the goat sticking his nose/ mouth through the wire fence) to get pumped up for certain games because the one/two punch of “Go”/”Animal” was enough to got the testosterone, and fighting energies flowing at super charged levels! enough to beat Loyola at the Turkey Bowl that year (2002). The beginning of that record and those 2 songs are super-charged for sure. GO! followed by ANIMAL. I mean the title of the record is VS. so yeah, there are some fighting songs on that cd. “Go” is the good power up song as the music is relentless and doesn’t let up, and just gets faster and faster and heavier and heavier until….well it can’t go anywhere else ___> except into Animal the second track on vs. Which continues the rockin atmosphere on almost the same level as “Go”!

    Another more recent one that also rocks just as heavy is The Offspring’s “Hammerhead”. They used to play this one at Philles games when it came out in 2008 and damn, it did get Citizen’s Bank Park rocking! Now, I’m not a Philles fan or anything, but it fit in perfect for that town, and any major sporting event to get engery going!

    Finally the last one on my mind was somehting from Powerman 5000, yeah the one that’s Rob Zombies brother?, remember in 1999 when WHFS was playing that song “When World;s Collide?” are you ready to go go, whatcha u gonna do baby bayy?…yeah that one. Well I remember it because it came on driving to my junior prom and me and my date liked it, and this is another powerup song. :)

  • Angie

    I get pumped with 7 Nation Army or Uprising.

  • Jan

    Pantera – Walk

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