St. Patrick’s Day Prep – 10 Best Rock Songs About Beer

St. Patrick’s Day — One of the few days out of the year where drinking beer is no longer an excuse, but a necessity. Although it’s just another day at the office for the ritualistic drunkard, St. Patty’s is unique for supplementing oceans of green beer; and if you celebrate properly, a lot of songs about drinking.

That’s exactly what lies before you (besides the oceans of beer) — a top 10 list of beer-themed songs perfect for March’s real moment of madness.

10. Psychostick – “Beer Is Good”

Odds are you haven’t heard of the Arizona-based band Psychostick, but you won’t soon forget them after watching their music video for “Beer is Good.”  If you watch the video sober you may find it deplorable, which is why I recommend a beer bong or three beforehand.

This is a rare case when lowering your standards would serve beneficial.

9. Reel Big Fish – “Beer”

Whether the song is really about beer or not, it’s perfect whilst getting tossed.

8. The Dubliners – “Pub With No Beer”

Researchers have proven that to deprive an Irishmen of their prescription of beer can cause mania.

Which is why The Dubliners don’t disclose what the stock man, Billy the blacksmith and the others decided to do in the pub with no beer.  Ever see From Dusk till Dawn?

7. Jimmy Buffett – “Why Don’t We Get Drunk And Screw” (OK, not really rock, but it had to be included on the list)

If only pickup lines were this easy.  Maybe they are for Jimmy boy, but unless luck is heavily in your favor, such an utterance may send you to the floor. OK, this isn’t rock, at all. But there’s no way we could avoid it.

Hey, at least you can catch up with Hasselhoff.

6. The Adicts – “Who Spilt My Beer?”

A simple song about finding the dude/dudette who is murdering all of the beers.  If you do happen to spill a guy’s beer who looks like The Joker (aka lead singer Keith “Monkey” Warren), you take that secret to the grave my friend.  Or it’ll be your blood that spills next…

On that note, enjoy the song!

5. Beck – “Beercan”

A token from Beck’s earliest work.  “Beercan” is a funky little diddy that alludes to Care Bears and Beck’s former job as a leaf blower.  Although Beck was probably a wizard when it comes to blowing leaves for a living, we should thank the music gods for his change in occupation.


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