St. Patrick’s Day Prep – 10 Best Rock Songs About Beer (page 2)

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4. George Thorogood – “One Bourbon, One Scotch, One Beer”

This John Lee Hooker cover is a staple for all dive bars across the nation.

3. Black Flag “Six Pack”

A down and dirty rock track about a guy and his beloved six-pack of brew.

Whoever said, “the best things in life come in threes” obviously never walked inside a liquor store.

2. NOFX – “Beer Bong”

Watching someone hit the beer bong is always an entertaining experience: If the imbiber succeeds, everyone celebrates with applause.  If they fail, everyone celebrates with laughter.

For the under 21 crowd reading this post, if you ever get caught with a beer bong by parents/authorities, just say it’s a water hose.  Works every time.

1. Sublime – “40 oz. to Freedom”

“40 oz. to Freedom,” is the first song from Sublime’s debut album of the same title.

Mickey’s, King Cobra, Olde English, Colt 45 — whatever your 40 oz. of choice is, snag one and join in for a toast to Bradley and the boys.  A band who arguably backs the most songs that are premium for drinking purposes.

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