Happy Birthday Mark Hoppus, Pop-Punk’s Court Jester

Way back in 1972, as the earth’s crust was cooling, and Russian scientists were talking about sending a monkey to the moon, a little boy was born in the sleepy California town of Crumville.

Although most Mr. Mark Hoppus from his producing of bands like Idiot Pilot, Motion City Soundtrack, The Matches, +44 and New Found Glory, many may not be aware of his small side project, Blink-182. For years, Mark’s been hard at work trying to get Blink-182 some main-stream notoriety. He and his band mates, Tom DeLonge and Travis Barker have been struggling musicians for just way too long.

So, to celebrate Mark’s birthday today, let’s all call our local radio station and plead with them to play a song from Blink-182. Someday, if we’re lucky, Blink will hit the big time and have videos on MTV. Maybe even headline their own tour with a big automotive sponsor… Maybe Mark will go on to host his own TV show… Nah, that’ll that happen. Forget it.

markhoppusnaked Happy Birthday Mark Hoppus, Pop Punks Court Jester

Mark Hoppus, circa 1999

Upon his Mark’s birth, little did his parents know that their boy would one day become famous by singing offensive songs about grandmothers while running around stage with his pants off. They must be so proud.

Happy birthday Mark.


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