Old People Listen To Dubstep, Have Mixed Reactions

There’s a new genre of YouTube videos out there. We are dubbing it “octogenarians being introduced to dubstep and hating it”.

The “dubbing” pun as clearly intended. We watched clip after clip of teenagers introducing their unsuspecting grandparents to Skrillex and Dead Mau5. Each reaction was largely the same: shock and confusion with an occasional bout of dancing.

Here are a few gems:

This lovely old lady actually doesn’t hate it. She’s adorable with her caffeine free soda and little accent. “It has a beat!”

“Well there’s something wrong with the world if this is good music” – Angry Grandpa.

“It’s hard on the head. I got a headache.” – Nice Grandma

“I’m 71. I don’t call that music. Music is… [stars singing Somewhere Over The Rainbow beautifully]” – Adorable Grandma.

“Now not to be nasty… but is that considered music? That’s popular with the teenagers?” “Yes.” “…..can you dance to that??”

Aren’t they just adorable? We like the part where the old people hate dubstep. In any event, there are dozens of these videos! Dozens! We haven’t even got to the “babies and pets reacting to dubstep” sub-genre of videos! Stay tuned!


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