Green Day’s New Album Is All About SEX!

 greendaybw Green Days New Album Is All About SEX!

GREEN DAY thinks their next album will be the most unbelievably amazing, transcendent album . . . EVER.

In a new video on Green Day’s YouTube channel, the band and their producer talk about how they’re, quote, “literally dealing with a new sound . . . that’s [effing] with their heads.”

The producer adds, quote, “It takes balls to do this, because . . . each hit of every instrument is actually super important, they add up to one thing.  Then when you get it done, it’s like ‘Wow, that’s a big powerful statement.'”

(–Here’s the direct link to the video.  WARNING:  It’s UNCENSORED.)

Singer BILLIE JOE ARMSTRONG recently said this album would be about sex . . . but the band still made it sound like an EPIC PIECE OF ART.

Billie said, quote, “I think it’s so personal and it is so voyeuristic.  And it is.  This is the first time we’ve ever really sung about [effing].”

Bassist MIKE DIRNT added, quote, “The songs are gonna [effing] blow their minds.”


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