Dave Grohl Trains Tenacious D “To Be The Best,” Jack Black Requests Funeral Song

In a cinematic feat either in one’s wildest dreams or their wildest nightmares, Tenacious D is joined by Foo Fighters’ Dave Grohl, crooner Josh Groban, Jimmy Kimmel, and Val Kilmer in their newest video called “To Be The Best.”

The video plays out like a mix between an expository action movie montage (pathos and murder included) and a “Behind The Scenes” type documentary–in true form for the comedic duo who are the kings of musical mockumentary.

And Kilmer, in true ex-Batman style, even plays the hero in one pivotal scene of the video.

[pullquote quote=”When we first started hanging out we would play chess and when Kyle beat me he would tease me for having a smaller brain than him.”]Tenacious D are prepping for the release of their new album out on May 15, Rize of the Fenix, and an international tour that starts in May.

And just in case, rock gods forbid, Black is to pass away tragically on tour, the comedian and Tenacious D frontman recently divulged his funeral requests to the press.

“Boyz II Men singing ‘End of the Road,'” Black told Q magazine when asked what song he’d like played at his funeral.

Black also gave some insight into the hilarious friendship between him and bandmate Kyle Gass. While they agree on most points, there is a point of contention between them when it comes to board games.

“When we first started hanging out we would play chess and when Kyle beat me he would tease me for having a smaller brain than him. He drew a picture on the wall of my brain size and his brain size and I just got so infuriated,” he recalled.

“I don’t know why,” Black continued, “But I lost control and I punched him as hard as I could – on the arm, not the face – so technically we came to blow because there was only one strike. Kyle didn’t hit back? We haven’t played since? After that I just sharpened my chess skills so insanely until they were like a Ginsu blade.”


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