Angels & Airwaves New Blood, Ilan Rubin, Impressive On Both Drums And Keys

Angels & Airwaves latest addition, Ilan Rubin, shows his skills on the drums and keys in this footage with the band from the AvA practice studio and the last round of live shows.

Some of the music heard on the video will be available soon on the LOVE feature film score. LOVE, the Angels & Airwaves produced film about a man trapped in space and time, explores absolute solitude and his love and need for humanity. The film has been shown via special movie theater engagements and is also included as a DVD as s bonus in the LOVE Part I & II double album.

In October of 2011, percussionist Atom Willard departed the band on favorable terms to pursue other endeavors. The departure seemed to be a mutual understanding and Atom thanked the members of Angels & Airwaves for a great six years of making music together. Ilan Rubin, who’s played with Lost Prophets and Nine Inch Nails joined the band shortly thereafter.

After watching their new video titled New Blood: Ilan Rubin, it’s evident that band leader Tom DeLonge is excited about his drummer’s skills.


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