Jack White’s Disturbing New Music Video

jackwhitedl1 Jack Whites Disturbing New Music Video



JACK WHITE has released a fascinating music video for “Sixteen Saltines” . . . a song off his upcoming album “Blunderbuss” which drops April 23rd.

The video features a bunch of kids and teenagers that violently ravage a small town.  There aren’t any adults around . . . except Jack White . . . who is tied up and placed in the backseat of a car, which is presumably set on fire at the end.  It’s wild . . . it’s awesome . . . and it’s also pretty disturbing.

In addition to kids torturing Jack, the video also includes:  An evil kid covered in peeling blue paint, a girl who had one of her fingers chopped off, a shirtless boy who seems to be chugging cough syrup . . .

Punk kids eating bread stuck to the ceiling with peanut butter, a guy who tries to suffocate himself with a plastic bag, and a ten-year-old boy tattooing his entire body.


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