The Smiths To Reunite?

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Unconfirmed sources in the UK are reporting that the Smiths may reunite.  Despite numerous personal differences, band members are thinking of returning to the stage this summer for a tour.  If the band DOES perform, it will be the first time since 1987.  Word is that the success of their re-formed contemporaries the Stone Roses has caused the band to consider reunion talk a little more seriously.

Details are here.

  • Gilbert

    There is no way Moz will do it.

  • Chris Jones

    This is up there as my most hopeful reniting ever. Most others i have hoped for have happened. Jesus and Mary Chain, Toadies, Blind Melon (on and off), The Cult… Candlebox in 05- new music out now. Soundgarden last year, new music out now. I really really want the Smiths to get back together I mean “Strangeways , Here We Come” left so much more to be desired. Smiths have been releasing alot of stuff lately, box sets etc, but they always do that. I hope this is true

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