Fun. On Their Civil War-Inspired ‘Some Nights’ Video

The tease is out about the next video from the band fun. and its Civil War battle theme. When the band stopped by for an interview with Live105/San Francisco before taking the festival stage at BFD 2012 they talked about the making of the video for “Some Nights.”

“We just thought it was really cool because obviously it is a pretty impressive war and what they were fighting for was obviously something that we strongly believe in.” Frontman Nate Ruess went on to say that being surrounded by the Civil War reenactment was interesting but that they did take it a little more serious than the band. “When it was like pouring rain and freezing and they were still out fighting and rehearsing their moves and we’re huddled under a blanket shivering.”

Here’s the teaser for “Some Nights.” The full video is set to premiere this week.

Full interview:

– Bradford Hornsby, Live105/San Francisco


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