Just How Rich Are The Top 30 DJs?

DJs are the new rock stars.

Sex, drugs and well, dance music. It’s virtually the same recipe responsible for rock n roll’s mystique.

Travel to Las Vegas any summer day and head to the hotel pool. Live DJs, perched poolside, often surrounded by women wearing next to nothing, provide a thumping soundtrack to the City of Sin. Head to a club at night, you’ll surely be entertained by top name DJs, paid ludicrous sums of money to spin discs and wave their hands in front of thousands of drinking, dancing, again- scantily clad women.

The top earners in the genre are those that produce their own records or better yet, produce hit singles for others like Madonna, Spears, Rihanna or any number of pop and hip hop stars. Not only does the production bring them more income via a percentage of the song’s earnings, but it bumps the DJ to a whole new level of stardom. Produce a hit song for Britney and you’ll be on the receiving end of a night club bidding war.

Those that play massive New Year’s eve or private parties for the world’s social elite can earn six figures for a few hours of work.

According to CelebrityNetworth.com‘s recently released list of high-profile DJs, even the lowest of the World’s top 30 DJs is worth an impressive $2 million.

Some may say that DJs are overpaid for their skill set. Seeing the list of the top 30 earners can only lead you to one of two emotions. “Damn, I should learn to DJ” or “Those are the luckiest, most talentless scumbags on the planet! Where do I take lessons?”

#30: Afrojack Net Worth – $2 million
#29: Markus Schulz Net Worth – $2 million
#28: Darude Net Worth – $2.5 million
#27: Kaskade Net Worth – $3 million
#26: Martin Solveig Net Worth – $3 million
#25: Eric Prydz Net Worth – $4 million
#24: Swedish House Mafia Net Worth – $4 million each
#23: Gareth Emery Net Worth – $5 million
#22: Avicii Net Worth – $6 million
#21: Skrillex Net Worth – $8 million
#20: ATB aka Andre Tanneberger – $8 million
#19: Calvin Harris Net Worth – $10 million
#18: Deadmau5 Net Worth – $12 million
#17: Benny Benassi Net Worth – $14 million
#16: Carl Cox Net Worth – $15 million
#15: The Chemical Brothers Net Worth – $15 million
#14: Ferry Corsten Net Worth – $18 million
#13: Steve Aoki Net Worth – $20 million
#12: Fatboy Slim Net Worth – $22 million
#11: David Guetta Net Worth – $25 million
#10: Moby Net Worth $28 million
#9: Daft Punk Net Worth – $30 million each
#8: Pete Tong Net Worth – $30 million
#7: Judge Jules Net Worth – $40 million
#6: Sasha (DJ) Net Worth – $40 million
#5: Armin Van Buuren Net Worth – $40 million
#4: John Digweed Net Worth – $45 million
#3: Paul van Dyk Net Worth – $50 million
#2: Paul Oakenfold Net Worth – $55 million
#1: DJ Tiesto Net Worth – $65 million

Jay Tilles / CBS Local

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