Coldplay Release Acoustic “Princess Of China” Ft. Rihanna

Chris Martin and pop flavor of the year, Rihanna, let it all hang out on this latest version of Coldplay‘s “Princess Of China,” of which the original can be found on their current album Mylo Xyloto.

Although heavily layered with reverb, their voices are far clearer than in the fully plugged-in original. The debate is now raging on Coldplay’s YouTube page over whether the pop diva is auto-tuned or not. Does it matter to this multi-platinum powerhouse? Not likely. Haters just want to hate.

“Princess of China” Acoustic

“Princess of China” Original

“Princess of China” Invisible Men Remix

Coldplay is currently making their way through the Southern U.S. as part of their world tour. The year-long tour will come to a close in Australia this November.

Jay Tilles / CBS Local

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