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In one of Foster The People‘s most ambitious videos to date, the band is killed during the making of their “Houdini” music video. But rather than cancel the shoot and subsequent liver performance, the video’s Japanese financier saves the day.

The rather large mobster-looking man calls in a team of engineers to replace the group’s internal organs with animatronics. Then, with the help of a troupe of puppeteers, the band is brought to life and the audience is fooled. All in a day’s work.

Today, Vevo released an entertaining and exclusive behind-the-scenes short about the making of the “Houdini” video. Watch the band learn some b-boy style dance moves. Cubby Fink, the band’s bass player mused, “It’s kinda weird… everything we do, we’ve got a puppeteer behind us.”

Watch the completed video.

The band is currently playing select U.S. dates followed by a handful of European summer festivals. Foster The People’s “Houdini” is available everywhere.

Jay Tilles / CBS Local


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