HFS Locals Only Spotlight: Rites Of Ash

Tonight’s HFS Locals Only Spotlight artist is Rites Of Ash, which is the result of the following equation: electropop + hard rock + D.C. roots + L.A. attitude.

Hmm. Don’t like math? How about this description, then: take the technical complexity of Nine Inch Nails, Linkin Park, and maybe Skrillex…then add the bold self-confidence of Lady Gaga.

Still too much for you to wrap your head around? How about taking Shiny Toy Guns and giving them an unhealthy dose of stimulants?

Whatever works for you. Our point is that they are intense, they are simultaneously like and unlike electronic rock bands that know how to shake you up, and they’re something you should check out, which you can do at any given moment by hitting up their website…or at a live show sometime, since they do a lot of those, too.

If you’ve got a local band you’d like us to feature on the HFS Locals Only Spotlight weeknights at 9 PM, here’s how to get your stuff to us.

Rites Of Ash — “Killing Me”

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