HFS Locals Only Spotlight: Good Charlotte “Christmas By The Phone”

Since we’re currently deep in the Christmas season, we thought we’d get festive for tonight’s HFS Locals Only Spotlight…so we’re going to revisit one of the biggest bands to break out of Maryland, and the poignant, stripped-down holiday song they did about a decade ago.

Of course, we’re talking about Good Charlotte, and their song “Christmas By The Phone”.

Joel and Benji Madden are still part of our HFS family, and we hear from them all the time via Twitter…and next time they come home to Maryland, we’ll definitely get together with them to relive all the old memories. If you want to catch up with what the guys are up to these days, check out their website, their Facebook page, and their Twitter account…and for even more good times, follow the personal Twitter accounts of Joel, Benji, Billy, Paul, and Dean.

And if you’ve got a local band you’d like us to feature on the HFS Locals Only Spotlight weeknights at 9 PM, here’s how to get your stuff to us.

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