What’s In Your Snow Survival Kit?

Neci will share and compare answers on the air Wednesday morning
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(CBS Baltimore)

(CBS Baltimore)

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We know everybody freaks out and kills the supermarket supplies of toilet paper and milk when snow is coming.

But what do you need in your personal snow survival kit?

Favorite music?

Mood enhancers?


I like to make sure I got my Baileys, Cuervo Black & something salty and crunchy! And of course, I can’t forget my massive iPod and some headphones to keep the world out!

Tell me in the comments below your special items, and I will share them on the show Wednesday morning while you sit (hopefully) comfy at home listening!

Some results from my facebook page:

  •  Rum!
  • snow survival kit = toilet paper and WiFi. Oh, also corndogs and chocolate milk.
  • Booze, playstation, and a boatload of movies
  • vodka, dog food (gotta take care of pup), and snack food. Who wants to eat proper during a storm??
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