Crowdsurfing Bicyclist Spotted At Coheed & Cambria Concert

Moshers expect a friendly jab here or there from an elbow or knee while transporting a crowd surfer overhead. But getting bumped by a bicycle sprocket or hit in the head by a hand brake isn’t on the list of common occurrences.

During a Coheed & Cambria concert in Jacksonville, FL Monday (May 27), a fan was propelled over the heads of the crowd while still in the seated position on his bicycle.  

Holding on so as to not get separated from his two wheeled friend, the crowdsurfing bicyclist successfully made it from the back of the crowd to the front of the pit where security proceeded to escort him and his bicycle out of harm’s way.


Other interesting attempts at crowdsurfing include the use of wheel chairs, river rafts and giant inflatable balls.


EDM superstar Diplo regularly surfs his crowds in giant hamster ball. Below, he’s seen famously floating about the audience at Miami’s Ultra Music Festival.


River raft surfing at A Day To Remember, Chicago, likely inspired by EDM star Steve Aoki.


Crowd surfing has become so common that even Beyonce’s tried it. The queen of pop laid her fate in the hands of her fans while performing at a London arena in early 2010.


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