Watch Linkin Park & Steve Aoki’s ‘A Light That Never Comes’

alightthatnever Watch Linkin Park & Steve Aoki’s ‘A Light That Never Comes’

(Courtesy Linkin Park)

Linkin Park surprised fans in August by bringing out famed EDM producer Steve Aoki for an unexpected collaboration at Japan’s Summer Sonic Festival.

According to Aoki, he met the band through the magic of Twitter. And while he’s known Mike Shinoda for a long time, he was surprised when asked to do a remix for Linkin Park.

“The beginnings of this song were probably six months to a year ago,” Shinoda told inthemix.

“It was about building this bridge between our two worlds and doing it in an organic way,” added Aoki. “We’ve stayed true to both our elements. Our fans in the EDM space and the Linkin Park space can gravitate towards it naturally.”

Watch Linkin Park’s ‘A Light That Never Comes’

“I’ve spoken to other artists too who are taking it in almost a metal direction,” continued Aoki. “That’s so dope. It’s co-mingling with so many other things. For me, what always transcends any genre or movement is songwriting. When these producers start to understand the craft of writing a song, that’s when they’re going to completely take over.”

A Light That Never Comes was first officially debuted September 12 as part of a Linkin Park Facebook game, but now it’s been given a 3-D animated video directed by the band’s own Joe Haan. Band members were subjected to full body 3-D scans. The song serves as the opening track of Linkin Park’s second remix album, Recharged, due October 29.



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