‘Girls’ Is At It Again With Good Music

‘Girls’ Is At It Again With Good Music: Edie Brickell, New Order & The Smashing Pumpkins! Lorde Is Also A Big Fan!

You’re going to think I only blog about ‘Girls’, but they just keep doing cool things on the show. Alison Williams’ character, Marnie is trying to get a YouTube video taken down of her singing Edie Brickell’s “What I Am” in this past episode.

They also featured New Order’s “Age Of Consent” in scene at a bar where they were celebrating Hannah’s 25th birthday. Love that song! And another character Ray loses his cool when the DJ cuts off his request for Smashing Pumpkins, “Today.” Man, I love that show! Apparently Lorde does too because she tweeted for series creator Lena Dunham to “Make TV faster!” Haha, I agree.

Photo by Gina Crash, Alli Winer

Photo by Gina Crash, Alli Winer

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