HFS Locals Only Spotlight: Cryptic Matter “Tragedy Guide”

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(Photo courtesy Cryptic Matter)

(Photo courtesy Cryptic Matter)

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Tonight’s HFS Locals Only Spotlight features Cryptic Matter, a Baltimore rock band with lot of diverse influences. Here’s how they describe their sound, in their words:

The cross-pollination of Steve’s metal guitar work with Justin’s funk-rock drumming resulted in Cryptic Matter’s unique sound, “Exotic Groove Metal,” characterized by heavy guitar riffs/solos written in exotic scales, sitar simulators, Middle-Eastern drones, and hypnotic belly dancing-like drum beats. Meanwhile, John weaves funky/groovy bass lines underneath Devin’s screamo/melodic vocal attack with an undetone of Piano and synth from Andrea. Our track called “Tragedy Guide” is Indian Bhangra influenced fusion-rock with sitar simulators and tabla percussion’s light in the mix, as well as your typical heavy distorted guitars, crashing drums, and driving bass.

And we’d probably be remiss if we didn’t note the hint of Jim Morrison we hear in the vocals.

If you want to catch Cryptic Matter live, they’ll be at Club K on February 28th, Angels Rock bar on April 20th, and Chapalas on April 28th. Find out more about the band on their Facebook page…and if you’ve got a local band you’d like us to feature on the HFS Locals Only Spotlight one of these weeknights at 8 PM, here’s how to get your stuff to us.

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