Timothy Lambesis Pleads Guilty in Murder-for-Hire Plot

By Jay Tilles & Eva Knott

Timothy Peter Lambesis, singer for As I Lay Dying, plead guilty today (Feb 25) to one felony count of soliciting another to commit the murder of Meghan Lambesis, his estranged wife.

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Lambesis’ attorney offered no stipulated plea deal, which means the judge has the freedom to apply whatever sentence he determines appropriate with a maximum of 9 years in state prison plus 4 years parole after release.

The family of the victim, Meghan’s parents and brother, were in court and “obviously relieved” by the plea today, Deputy District Attorney Claudia Grasso stated.

Supported by family, 32 year old Lambesis appeared in the San Diego’s North County Superior Courthouse with his long hair tightly pulled back and a neatly pressed white collared shirt. The singer appeared reserved and nervous while his attorney delivered the plea.

Grasso said she expects Meghan’s family to be present at the next court date where they will have the opportunity to speak to the judge before sentencing is handed down.

Sentencing is set for May 2 in front of the Honorable Judge Carlos Armor.


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