Interview: City and Colour Just Want To Play Music, Hope People Actually Show Up

By Shannon Carlin

Dallas Green assumes you have no idea who he is, that you’ve never heard any of the four albums he’s put out under the moniker City and Colour and therefore, doesn’t quite understand how he got such a prime slot on the main stage at Coachella. And to be honest, he’s not quite sure how he pulled it off either.

“I’m pretty fiercely independent…I’ve never been really covered by a lot of mainstream media in America. I’ve never been in the big magazines. I’ve never been on any of the talk shows. Radio doesn’t really play my songs,” he told backstage right after finishing his festival set. “So for me, every time I get a chance to do something like this, I always wonder…’why did they ask me to play on the main stage?’ because I wonder if anyone will know who I am.”

Green even tweeted before going on stage that he hoped people would show up. But the Canadian singer/songwriter should really stop worrying about that, since, as he admitted, the crowd not only showed up, but was singing along.


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