Jack White Announces Tricked-Out ‘Ultra LP’ Version of ‘Lazaretto’

Because, really, would we expect anything different?

For the release of his upcoming LP Lazaretto, Jack White is tricking out the so-called “Ultra LP” version of the album with a smorgasbord of different features, quirks, bells and whistles — and then some.

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In a post on his website, White detailed the list of intriguing facets the “ultra” version of Lazaretto possesses.

A similar video, posted below, also shows off its many features in a nine-minute clip.

Among the choice perks: two vinyl-only hidden songs that are concealed beneath the center labels of the vinyl, technology that allows an electric or acoustic intro to the song “Just One Drink” depending on where the needle is dropped, certain mixes different from the CD/digital versions, a first-of-its-kind hologram and more.

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