No, Sony’s New Super Cassette Won’t Kill The iPod

By Brian Ives 

Over the weekend,  Sony made headlines when they introduced a cassette tape that holds 148 GB of data per square inch of tape, meaning a cassette could hold 185 TB of data. The big unveiling took place at  theInternational Magnetics Conference (which is a thing) in Dresden, Germany.

You can read about how this works at a variety of websites (like Gizmodo), but the end result is that a cassette could hold 185 TB of data. However, this tape isn’t really designed for everyday use: as IT World writes, “Magnetic tape has been eclipsed by hard disk drives and flash drives as a medium in recent years but is still in use to preserve critical information over the long-term in data centers, corporate archives and other facilities.”

So, basically if you’re talking about mp3 bootlegs of an indie band you barely remember, or you’re storing Instagram photos of a drunken night out with your bros? Disk drive, no problem. But for anything really important? Stick with tape.

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