Watch Idaho Police Interrogate and Handcuff Man for Mentioning Nickelback in Public

While Canadian rockers Nickelback might be one of the most popular (not to mention divisive) bands in the world, mentioning the group’s name in public could be cause for police detention, interrogation and being handcuffed.

That was the case in Idaho recently, when two officers overheard 23-year-old Dylan Swinford and 22-year-old Riker Morrow talking about the band, but mishearing it as “nickel sack,” which the officers considered a marijuana reference.

Morrow recorded the incident, which can be seen in the YouTube video below. The situation seems almost comical, until it escalates to the point of Swinford being taken out of the vehicle and placed in handcuffs.

The incident occurred in the city of Cour d’Alene, where the influx of media attention has resulted in the detention being examined.

“It’s being internally investigated. It’s a personnel issue,” Lt. Stu Miller told CDA Press. “We take this type of thing very seriously and we tell our people all the time to do their job as though someone is always watching, and they are always watching.”



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