Bon Iver Wrote a Song About Brotherly Love Called ‘Heavenly Father’ for Zach Braff: Listen

Justin Vernon is honoring his dear ol’ dad on Bon Iver’s new song, “Heavenly Father” off the soundtrack to Zach Braff’s latest film, Wish I Was Here.

In an interview with NPR, music supervisor Mary Ramos said she flew to Wisconsin to screen a rough-cut of the film for Vernon and his brother Nate. After the movie was done, Vernon and his brother started talking about the relationship between Braff’s character and his brother, played by Josh Gad, and their relationship with their father.

“All the while Justin kept distractedly humming,” Ramos said. “Eventually, he sang out the words ‘heavenly father.’ Before I even left their house, Justin was recording the first version of the song in his downstairs studio. His inspiration was that immediate.”

On the track, Vernon sings “I am free now,” over one surprisingly beautiful foghorn.

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Listen to the song via NPR here.



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