9 Songs To Hate Your Parents To

By Anam Baig

Anyone who tells you they had a perfectly happy childhood is lying. The truth is, we are who we are because of the piano lessons, the groundings, the rebukes, and the countless “finish your vegetables” we had when we were kids.

Many musicians have written songs to cope with the tragedies of their youth. Case in point, Kelly Clarkson belted about how much divorce hurts, Eddie Vedder cried about his not-father (yet again) and Green Day encouraged a little destructive behavior.

When it comes to parent-bashing, these artists are of the highest caliber. But can you really blame Eminem for calling out his dear ol’ mom for purposely injuring him to get medical attention or Lady Gaga getting upset with her father who was almost too stubborn to have a lifesaving surgery? We think not.

Below, check out nine songs that have artists writing about the screwed up situations of their early years. As you can see, moving on — like breaking up — is rather hard to do.

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