Courtney Love

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Courtney Love Wants ‘Silver Glitter’ Rose Named After Her: Watch

Dolly Parton, Metallica, Loretta Lynn — all of these things are like the other in some way, and Courtney Love wants to add her name to the list.


Courtney Love (Laura Cavanaugh)

Courtney Love Admits She Wrote Note Found in Kurt Cobain’s Wallet

That note found in Kurt Cobain’s wallet at the Nirvana frontman’s death scene? Written by Courtney Love.


Courtney Love (Laura Cavanaugh)

Watch Courtney Love Blow Glitter in ‘You Know My Name’

No one is as good at telling the world go to f— itself as Courtney Love. That seems to be the sentiment she’s going for with her video for “You Know My Name,” an extension of the sentiment in the song’s lyrics.


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Newly Revealed Note from Kurt Cobain Death Scene Mocks His Wedding Vows

The note was found in Cobain’s wallet after his body was discovered on April 8, 1994, logged into evidence in the Seattle Police Department case file, and never made public until now.


Courtney Love (Laura Cavanaugh)

Listen to Courtney Love’s New Single ‘Wedding Day’

“I will rise again and again!” Courtney Love roars that line towards the end of her new song, “Wedding Day.”


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Listen to Courtney Love’s Blistering New Single, ‘You Know My Name’

She’s apparently made good with Dave Grohl, and now Courtney Love is back with a new song while her name is still fresh on the lips of rock fans.


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Courtney Love Doesn’t Like Bruce Springsteen’s Music Because…

Although she does enjoy “Nebraska.”