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Kid Rock And Harley-Davidson Unite For 110th Anniversary Campaign

In a new partnership of “American rebels,” Kid Rock has teamed up with motorcycle manufacturer Harley-Davidson for a first-of-its-kind collaboration that includes tour sponsorship, co-branded merchandise and a headlining performance during the company’s 110th anniversary […]


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Have Luxury Music Cruises Jumped The Shark?

Ravers go wild to Major Lazer and Justice on the Holy Ship!!. ‘90s alt-rock survivors fist-pump to Smash Mouth and the Gin Blossoms on the Mark McGrath & Friends Cruise of the Bahamas. Well-heeled indie […]



Kid Rock To Play Detroit Lions’ Thanksgiving Game Halftime Show

The Detroit Lions have announced who will be performing during halftime on the Lions’ 73rd Thanksgiving Day Classic, November 22 vs. the Houston Texans; recent Republican cheerleader and Detroit’s resident rocker, Kid Rock will be this […]



Kid Rock To Sean Penn In Funny Must-See Politcal Video: “Suck It

“Suck it Commie!” barks Kid Rock to actor Sean Penn. According to Jameson Stafford, the short film’s director, the goal of Americans is to “tear down the one-dimensional political stereotypes portrayed by the media by […]



Rock In Politics: Obama 6, Romney 1

Every four years in America, voting citizens aren’t the only ones choosing sides between the Democratic and Republican parties. As candidates integrate themselves into pop culture with endorsements from big-name celebrities, their musical affiliations can […]



Is Kid Rock Detroit’s Biggest Celebrity Humanitarian?

It might be hard for some to realize that Kid Rock’s breakthrough album, Devil Without a Cause, is officially fifteen years old (it was released in August of 1998). In that time, the man born […]




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