Bradley Nowell

Sublime (Courtesy Skunk Records)

Sublime Unearths 1995 Concert For New ‘3 Ring Circus’ Live Album: Listen Now

The raucous live set was recorded just 7 months before the untimely death of frontman Bradley Nowell at the age of 28, and includes many of the band’s biggest hits, including their version of reggae song “Smoke 2 Joints.”


Lollapalooza 1993: Alice in Chains

Top 10 Rock Star Drug Overdoses

On the surface, rock ‘n roll superstardom looks like a teenage fantasy come true


Courtesy of Fueled by Ramen

Smoke Two Joints: Rome On Singing Bradley Nowell’s Sublime Songs

During an exclusive conversation with CBS Local, Rome Ramirez remembered the first time he got onstage to perform songs like “What I Got” and “Wrong Way,” which were made famous by one of his heroes, […]