Chad Kroeger


Happy Chavril Day! Avril Lavigne Sink Her Fangs Into Nickelback’s Chad Kroeger

Huzzah! The Royal Canadian Marriage Approval Council has officially declared August 22 a new national holiday to be recognized the world over.  They ask that you treat this holy occasion with the respect and reverence […]


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Forget Rickrolling, It’s Time To Nickroll Your Friends

Since dawn of the internet, the digital frontier has always been a home to shenanigans. One of the most widely played pranks on the internet has been Rickrolling. This is the act of sharing a […]


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Nickelback Gets Apology (Sort Of) From the Black Keys

Months after delivering choice words for Nickelback, the Black Keys have apologized for their remarks – even if one of the members laughs it off as the “worst apology.” In a recent interview with MTV […]