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Morrissey Signs One Copy of ‘Autobiography’ to Benefit PETA

Fans in Sweden were treated to Europe’s only Autobiography book signing event, with over 500 fans from around the world lining up (some for more than 30 hours) for the author to pen his signature in a copy.


Courtesy MotoeXotica Classic Cars

Buy Billie Joe Armstrong’s BMW Just in Time for the Holidays

Looking for the ultimate gift for the Punk Rock lover in your life? How about picking up Green Day frontman Billie Joe Armstrong’s vintage BMW.



Melvins’ Tour Van, Famous For Kurt Cobain’s Artwork, Back On eBay

After a botched auction, Benny Berg has placed the now famous Melvins tour van back on the market. [pullquote quote=”I’m just not savvy with eBay. My first mistake was setting a reserve.”]After having landed a […]