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My Chemical Romance Breaks Up

My Chemical Romance have split up. After a dozen years and four popular studio albums, the platinum-record band announced via a brief post on their website “it has come time for it to end.” Here’s […]


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My Chemical Romance’s Gerard Way Releases Gritty Solo Track As Danny The Street

In “Zero Zero,” Way’s first release as Danny The Street, he strips away layers of My Chemical Romance’s production value and aims for a gritty, stripped down, old school punk vibe.



Deadmau5 On The Video Game Inspiration For The “Professional Griefers” Music Video [Exclusive]

In order to match the sheer epic scale of “Professional Griefers,” the turbocharged collaboration between Deadmau5 (AKA Joel Zimmerman) and Gerard Way of My Chemical Romance, 2,000 on-set extras and months of post-production work have […]



Deadmau5 Talks His Organic Collaboration With My Chemical Romance’s Gerard Way

During an exclusive interview with KROQ jock Stryker, EDM superstar Deadmau5 talked about his recent collaboration with My Chemical Romance frontman Gerard Way, the song “Professional Griefers,” and how it came together organically.


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Deadmau5 Debuts “Professional Griefers” Ft. My Chemical Romance’s Gerard Way

While in London for a set at the Wireless Festival, DJ/producer Deadmau5 stopped by Pete Tong’s show on BBC’s Radio 1 to premiere the single “Professional Griefers” with Gerard Way’s newly added lyrics. Although Deadmau5 […]


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[Listen] My Chemical Romance’s Gerard Way Sings On Deadmau5 Track

Just days after Deadmau5 went on a textual tirade about collaboration with big name artists, this bomb drops. Apparently My Chemical Romance’s Gerard Way cut vocals for a track allegedly titled “Professional Griefers.” Deadmou5 posted […]