Good Charlotte

(Justin Colt for Capitol Records)

Q&A: Joel Madden of Madden Brothers and the New Revolution of ‘We Are Done’ caught up with Joel to talk at length about the events in Ferguson, Mo., the pursuit of happiness and the oddity of their debut single lining up with what’s happening in Ferguson, Missouri.


Cactus Patch Big Break

HFStival Big Break: Past Winners

Check out our rundown of all the local bands who won the HFStival Big Break and see how many of them you remember.


Good Charlotte 2002

HFS Locals Only Spotlight: Good Charlotte “Christmas By The Phone”

For tonight’s HFS Locals Only Spotlight, we’re revisiting one of the biggest bands to break out of Maryland, and the poignant, stripped-down holiday song they did about a decade ago.

12/21/2012 Trends: Good Charlotte Is Rocking Again

After taking a break from the extensive touring that followed 2007’s Good Morning Revival, pop punk veterans Good Charlotte are back with another new album to send teenage kids into euphoria. Cardiology was released yesterday […]