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Top Five Ways To Have A Scary Halloween

Check out the top five ways to have a scary Halloween from movies and new television shows to local events.



Ballyhoo! Superheros of the Inner Harbor Halloween Show

Check out photos from Ballyhoo’s 7th Annual Halloween Costume Party!

HFS at 97.5 Baltimore’s Rock Alternative–10/26/2013

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Rob Zombie Talks Halloween, Puppies, Metal Culture & His New Sports Movie

October is Metal Month at Radio.com. What exactly does that mean? Well, throughout the month, we’ll have artist interviews as well as mini-documentaries about metal. First up, our interview with Rob Zombie.



Top 5 Grossest Looking But Still Delicious Halloween Drinks

As a holiday, Halloween has evolved from a night when kids traverse local neighborhoods trick-or-treating for candy into something decidedly more mature. October 31 is when adults can indulge in dark-lit, Bacchanalian fantasies where even […]



5 Great Zombie Flicks For Halloween

Ever since AMC’s hit series The Walking Dead took the world by storm on Halloween of 2010, zombies have been catching up with vampires as the creepy threat that have crossed over from horror conventions […]


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Top 10 Underrated Horror Films For Halloween

It’s the beloved time of year again, when thoughts turn to all things dark, monstrous and generally terrifying (no, we’re not talking about the Presidential election). Every October, horror fans get to indulge in the […]



20 Ghostly Rock Songs For Halloween

It’s October. So as far as many are concerned, it’s Halloween all month. There is no other weird and wacky holiday we love more than that which celebrates freaks and geeks, and grown men over […]




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