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The Top 97.5 HFS Songs Of 2012

You asked for ’em, we played ’em…and all day on New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Eve, we played ’em all back.


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Your Words: The Top HFS Songs of 2011

When we asked you to tell us the Top HFS Songs of the Last Five Months of 2011, we also asked you to tell us why those songs were special to you. We got a […]


New Year's Eve 2012 In Times Square

The Top 60 HFS Songs Of The Last Five Months Of 2011

We tallied up all the requests we’ve received since we took over 97.5 FM on August 1st, and we also asked for your year-end favorites during the last week of the year…and the result is […]


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What Were The Top HFS Songs of 2011?

We’re getting ready to count down the top HFS Songs of the year–well, at least the five months since we launched on 97.5–and we want your opinions on which ones were the biggest, the best, […]