Laura Jane Grace on Donald Trump Rescinding Transgender Rights: 'It's f---ing stupid''It's unfortunately not surprising to me at all," Grace added.
Against Me! Singer Laura Jane Grace Burns Birth CertificateGrace revealed her original birth certificate (which recognized her as a man) and burned it before the crowd, saying "Goodbye, gender!"
Laura Jane Grace Announces New Memoir 'Tranny'The book documents Laura Jane Grace's life from childhood to musical stardom, and the subsequent battles with addiction and identity.
Will Laura Jane Grace Appear in 'Star Wars: Episode VIII'?"Putting LJG in the film would be a hugely inspirational message for young people in the queer community - that the galaxy is truly inclusive and that anyone can become one with the Force."
Laura Jane Grace Receives Emmy Nomination for 'True Trans'Against Me!'s frontwoman has received an Emmy nomination for her AOL Original series, 'True Trans with Laura Jane Grace.'
Miley Cyrus & Laura Jane Grace Perform 'True Trans Soul Rebel' for Happy Hippie: WatchCyrus' Happy Hippie Foundation Backyard Sessions help raise awareness on homelessness among LGBT youth.
Miley Cyrus, Joan Jett & Laura Jane Grace Cover the Replacements' 'Androgynous': WatchIt's also for her Happy Hippie Foundation.
2014 Winners: Laura Jane Grace & Against Me!Laura Jane Grace: a true trans soul rebel forever.
Arcade Fire, Laura Jane Grace Continue 'We Exist' DebateAfter Against Me! frontwoman Laura Jane Grace took to Twitter last week to object to Arcade Fire's choice to cast Spider-Man actor Andrew Garfield in the main role for their "We Exist" video instead of a trans actor, singer Win Butler has responded in an interview with the Advocate, alongside the video's director David Wilson.
Against Me!'s Laura Jane Grace Blasts Arcade Fire for Lack of Trans Actor in 'We Exist'According to Grace, their choice of lead actor was less than stellar.
Against Me!'s Laura Jane Grace Gets Personal In Docu-SeriesThe series takes an intimate look at Grace, as well as other members of the trans community "whose experiences are woefully underrepresented and misunderstood in the media," says AOL.
Watch Against Me!'s Brutal Video for "Black Me Out"Against Me! wanted to produce a stripped down punk record that was powerful enough to turn heads. Mission accomplished. The animated video for "Black Me Out" is beautifully brutal.

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