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Perry Farrell (Getty Images)

Lolla Look Back: Lollapalooza Goes International

[pullquote quote=”We put it together at a record pace as we had four months.” credit=”Perry Farrell”]As we reported last year, Chicago’s Lollapalooza music festival branched out to South America this year. Taking place this past […]


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Lolla Look Back: Freakshow With Pearl Jam And Soundgarden

Photos: Eddie Vedder’s Solo Set At The…view gallery Nowadays we associate Lollapalooza almost entirely with the prodigious amount of musical acts it has to offer over a three-day stint in Chicago’s Grant Park. However, those […]



Lolla Look Back: Lollapalooza Moves To Chicago

2011 Lollapalooza Line Upview gallery 1991 was the year that began it all; the explosion of alternative rock in the music scene, and the hatching and creation of Lollapalooza. [lastfm]Jane’s Addiction[/lastfm] frontman Perry Farrell conceived Lollapalooza […]


Perry Farrell (photo via Vimeo)

Lolla Look Back: Hand-Picking The First Lollapalooza Lineup

Photos: 50 Reasons Why Lollapalooza Rocksview gallery Picture it: it’s summer, 1990. [lastfm]Jane’s Addiction[/lastfm], a band who’s already put not a dent, but a crater in the alternative rock scene in America, is preparing to break […]



Lolla Look Back: 1991, The First Festival

Photos: 50 Reasons Why Lollapalooza Rocksview gallery Lollapalooza is a very well known music festival that people travel long distances to expose themselves to new and unique artists that is now held in Chicago. Lollapalooza wasn’t […]