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Muse Debut ‘Madness’ From Upcoming ‘Live In Rome’ DVD

Muse released “Madness” from the the band’s first 4K film Live At Rome Olympic Stadium today.



Muse Live Performance Featured In NCAA March “Madness” Campaign

Other than the final score, some of the biggest stories surrounding the Super Bowl each year involve the commercials. With advertisers shelling out in excess of $4 million for thirty seconds of air time, viewers […]


Matt Bellamy (Thomas Samson/AFP/Getty Images)

Behind The Song: Muse’s “Madness”

Although they’re a mere trio, the larger-than-life sounds produced by British prog-rockers Muse carry the weight of bands twice their size. An arena rock band to the core, Muse’s musical dexterity has earned them comparisons […]



Muse Debuts “Madness,” First Official Single From The 2nd Law, Matt Bellamy’s Favorite Song

After officially debuting “Survival” via the London 2012 Olympics, and “Unsustainable” as a gift to The 2nd Law‘s pre-order customers, Muse fans have had more than just a taste of the forthcoming album. But the […]